Registrations are not open for now. We are waiting for the beginning of the year to have a better visibility on 2021.

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You don’t need any medical certificate to participate in the Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef.

Was your registration confirmed but you are now unable to return to amend your details? Contact us via email at [email protected] with the subject: PAYMENT PROBLEM

Contact us via email at [email protected] with the subject: REGISTRATION FORM PROBLEM and sending a screenshot of your issue alongside a detailed description.

You can resend the confirmation email on your profile.

Did you us an email address that you check regularly?

In some cases, confirmation emails can occasionally be filtered into your spam/junk mail, please check these inboxes first.

If this is not the case, email us with the following information: Name, Surname, Date of Birth, email address used at the registration and another email address that you are using frequently. We will then send you the confirmation email again.

If you wish to change your race this is indeed possible under certain conditions. Email us with the following information: Name, surname, date of birth, registration code, and the new race you wish to participate in.

Please note:
If your new choice of race is more expensive you have to pay the difference, taking into account the current price. As soon as we have made the race modification, confirmed by email, you will have to go back on your registration platform and pay the difference by credit card, in order to validate your registration. A new confirmation email will then be sent automatically.

If your new race is cheaper you CANNOT be reimbursed.

If you wish to change any of these details please write to [email protected] with the subject: MODIFYING PERSONAL DETAILS.

Please note:
these can only be rectifications to the information in your form, in no case can you totally change the identity of the person registered. No bib transfer between two participants is allowed by the organisation.


It is possible to check/ change your details on the registration form by returning to the page here and log in using your email and registration code.

Particular modification: start pen and name on the BIB

You can only modiy this information until early April. After this date, no more modifications are possible.

IMPORTANT: you can only subscribe to the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, not after. Please refer to the event rules for more details.

If you did not pay for the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, we won’t refund your registration fee.

As the rules say: “Entering the event is a personal and definitive decision. No refunds are available regardless of circumstances. No registration transfers are available under any circumstances (transfer to the following year and/or transfer to another person are not allowed)”.

If you paid for the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, you can ask for a refund (no justificative will be asked). You only have to contact the insurance company, the process is described on your confirmation email. Only the registration amount will be refunded, neither the extra fees (4% of the total amount of the order + CHF0.75.- for each participant), nor the race options.

To know if you subscribed to this cancellation insurance, you can go back on your registration form and find the details of your order. In the case of a subscription, an email from CIRCLES GROUP has been sent to you. Please check your mailbox and spam box.

All registrations are personal and final, none can be reimbursed, or transferred to another year or another individual.

Group / Team

Creating a group is intended for teams or companies entering 10 or more runners. Creating a group allows for easy management and supervision of a group’s registrations. A group can be composed of an unlimited number of runners, across all ages and all race categories.

As a reminder of the conditions and advantages of creating a group:

  • You can create a group starting from 10 entries (using the name of your company, association, etc…)
  • For every 10 entries, the 11th is free (the least expensive of the basket).
  • From 20 entries onwards, you can benefit from group payment (one-time payment).
  • From 20 entries onwards, you can also benefit from a grouped bib pick up. This means that you can collect the bibs of all the participants in your group, as well as their t-shirts and goodies, in one go. No need to queue up in the bib collection area!

What should I do to create a group?
If you wish to create a group registration, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information: Name, Surname, phone number and email address of the group leader, as well as the group name and a password. We will create an account for you to facilitate the management of your group’s online registrations.

As soon the invoice is created, no more registrations can be made through this group and any remaining runners will have to register individually by paying for their own entry (however, they can be added to the group of their choice later by sending us an email).

When can I collect the bibs of my group?
It’s possible to collect the bibs of your team only on Friday before the races.

To take part in the team challenge you must register a team of at least 3 runners on the same race. (There is no maximum number). The team ranking will be based on each team’s best three runners times.

During the registration process each runner must indicate which team ranking they want to participate in and enter their team name in the ‘Team’ box. Team rankings are available for Family and Friends/Corporate/Club/Universities and Schools.

If a team is already registered and you wish to join it, write the first letters of this team in the team research area, an automatic suggestion will offer you team name related to your search.

There is no team challenge for the junior races.

Special Packages

Upon purchasing two adult bibs or more (any race), you receive a free bib for a junior race. This is automatically generated when you will pay at least for two adult bibs and one junior bib.


If you already registered please send an email at [email protected] with the subject: FAMILY PACKAGE with the names of the runners registered and detailing the pack you want. We would refund you the junior bib.

For every 10 entries bought on any race, you receive an 11th bib for free (the cheapest of your shopping basket).

To benefit from this offer, please contact us by email at [email protected] specifying the list of the 10 registered participants. Subject of the mail: “11th free ENTRY”


You will be able to collect your BIB, for all the races, on the 8th and 9th of May 2020:

Location : Jardin Anglais, Quai du Général-Guisan 34, 1204 Genève
Time: On the Friday 7th from 10am to 7pm and on the Saturday 8th from 9am to 6pm.

Documents to take with you :
- BIB coupon (sent by email one week before the event)
- Identity document (a copy will be accepted)


Any third person can come to collect your BIB with:

- the copy of your identity document
- your BIB coupon (sent by email one week before the event)

We don’t send any bibs by mail.

Saturday 8th May 2021:

Junior races – start and finish in the Quai Gustave Aldor in Geneva

  • 3.30pm: Departure 1km Parents/children Run (Kids born between 2016 and 2017)
  • 3.50pm: Departure 1km Parents/children Run (Kids born between 2013 and 2015)
  • 4.10pm: Departure 1 km (Kids born between 2013 and 2014)
  • 4.25pm: Departure 2 km (Kids born between 2011 and 2012)
  • 4.50pm: Departure 2,5 km (Kids born between 2009 and 2010)
  • 5.15pm: Departure 3 km (Kids born between 2007 and 2008)

- La Genevoise – Start - Avenue de Bel Air, Chêne-Bourg
6km: Start 6.15pm (time limit 1h)
Finish and bag collection by the Pont du Mont Blanc

- 10 km Run, Walking and Nordic Walking – Start Avenue de Bel air, Chêne-Bourg
One start for the 3 races : 7pm (time limit 2h)
Finish and bag collection by the Pont du Mont Blanc

Sunday 9th May 2021:

- Wheelchair Half-Marathon - Avenue de Bel air, Chêne- Bourg
Start 8.25am (time limit 3h)

- Half-Marathon - Avenue de Bel air, Chêne-Bourg

Start 8.30am (time limit 3h)

- Marathon + Relay Marathon - Avenue de Bel air à Chêne- Bourg
Same start for both races : 9.45am (time limit 6h)

The time limit represents the maximum time that a participant has to complete the full distance of the race course. This time limit is calculated on a walking pace basis so do not panic, in theory rare are the cases where participants exceed this limit.


The organisation on D-Day has to deal with important logistical issues. We have a compromise with the city so as not to block road access for too long. The organisation reserves the right to remove your bib if you exceed the time limit set on your race format (you can still finish your race but the security of the participant will no longer be engaged by the organisation).

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