Relay Marathon

Start: Chêne-Bourg, Avenue de Bel-Air

Finish: Geneva, Pont du Mont-Blanc

Sunday 12th May 2019 - 9h45

Cut-off Time: 6 hours

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The Relay Marathon, in which teams of 4 to 6 runners cover the full marathon distance – 42.195km - as a relay. Taking place on Sunday 6th May, the Relay Marathon follows the same spectacular route as the Marathon, combining Geneva’s beautiful lake-side scenery with an Alpine backdrop and the city’s main sites.

The relay marathon is open to all participants aged 14 and over. As a family, in a group of friends, or with work-mates, 4 to 6 runners will tackle individual distances ranging from 4.7km to 10km – to make up the total 42.195 marathon distance together. Enjoy a fun and friendly marathon – as a team !

Marathon Relay runners will be taken to each of their relay points from the start line by the organisation, with the exception of the two final runners, who will meet directly at their relay point - which is close to the finish line.

NB: Teams of 4 or 5 runners are welcome. To ease the logistics, a person who run two relays will have to run two consecutive relays.

Relay 1: Chêne-Bourg - Choulex = 6km
Relay 2: Choulex - Jussy = 8.8km
Relay 3: Jussy - Puplinge = 10.1km
Relay 4: Puplinge - Collonge-Bellerive = 7.2km
Relay 5: Collonge-Bellerive - Geneva (Jardin Anglais) = 6km
Relay 6: Geneva (Jardin Anglais) - Genève (Finish) = 4.1km

N.B.: During registration it is not necessary to indicate the order in which runners will complete the relay. Bibs are distributed accordingly within your group once they have been collected from the race village.


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