Volunteers play a central role in the organisation of an event and conveying the image of the event to participants and the public.

You would like to join the volunteer team for the marathon? Many slots are open for the adapted version of the Harmony Genève Marathon for Unicef 2021, taking place throughout May 2021.

Volunteers registration are open.

To become volunteers of Harmony Genève Marathon for Unicef 2021, register directly on our volunteers platform, and choose your mission and slot.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us by email : [email protected]

Thanks for everything and we hope to see soon.

Refreshment point

You will set up the area and distribute drinks, snacks for athletes during Elite race. You will also be responsible for sorting waste and preserving our environment.

Start and Finish Team

You will be part of the team in charge of: bibs collection, distribution of partners gifts, and also, medals giving and managing arrival refreshment point.

Anti-doping team

Supervision of the elite athletes (men and women) as they cross the finish line. Accompany them through the finish line protocol (anti-doping control). Supervisors must be of legal age and bilingual.

before the start of the challenge

Official Timekeeper

Official Timekeeper
Canton de Genève
Ville de Genève
Hôpital de La Tour